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  • Interim Management
    Interim Management Interim Management

    Completor is able to help Your business in handling difficult projects and crises situations by offering full-range interim management services.

  • Crisis Management
    Crisis Management Crisis Management

    Our professionals have long and proven experience of managing business in crisis states and bringing businesses back to the leading positions.

  • Corporate Development
    Corporate Development Corporate Development

    Our specialists will assist Your organization in minimizing financial risks that might arise as a result of misinformation, misjudgment or mismanagement during large corporate projects.

  • Continuity & Expertise
    Continuity & Expertise Continuity & Expertise

    Completor takes care of the processes, in which Your business lacks internal knowledge and expertise, while allowing You to focus on the core of Your business.



Completor is a professional and fully independent Interim management firm that provides support for medium- and large-sized businesses with the help of unique skills, experiences and competencies of our human capital.



Completor helps businesses to improve their performance and reduce corporate inefficiencies by implementing complex corporate changes and managing unique & challenging projects.


All of our professionals have proven record of success in managing complex projects and realizing the most sophisticated strategies in dynamic business environments.

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We are not focusing solely on improvement of the core business processes, as we believe that every organizational process has to be perfected in order to reach the desired outcome.

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Completor has a set of advanced business techniques and practical tools that can be implemented, depending on the specifics of business profile and economic environment.

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